Servicing Lawn Sprinkler Systems

A properly installed system will give you years of trouble free operation and require only minor seasonal maintenance. In the winter, the system needs to be 'winterized' to prevent water freezing in the pipes and possibly damaging the system. In the Spring, the system will need to be turned back on.

Other situations that would cause damages and require fast & professional repairs:

  • Installation of underground cable, fiber optics, etc.
  • Additions of fencing, swing-sets, pools, decks & patios, etc.
  • Changes to Landscaping and Lawn work
  • Over grown landscaping (Sprinklers buried in mulch, shrubs blocking heads,
  • "Up-Dates" for older systems (New User friendly Controllers, improved sprinkler heads & nozzles, RainSensors, etc.)

We solve problems! We enjoy the challenge of getting your system working properly and efficiently.

With Rain-Tec you can be assured that you will get all of our expertise and knowledge in handling your lawn sprinkler system repair needs. Our service division can handle any size system and all irrigation brands.

Scheduling Your Call

Call our office at (724)266-5862 for current rate information and to schedule your service call.

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Service on Existing System and Repairs

We only use professional grade materials and parts.

Spring “Start-Up”

  • Turning on system
  • “Hook-up” backflow preventor if needed
  • Check all heads for proper operation
  • Make any adjustments
  • Clean or Change any filters
  • Check valves for proper operation
  • Install new battery in controllers
  • Reprogram as needed
For any repairs needed beyond the normal tune-up, an estimate will be provided.

Fall Winterization

  • Shutting off system
  • Disconnecting Backflow if needed
  • “Blow out” all water from system
  • Drain pump if needed
  • Flag heads before fall lawn aeration
We guarantee that your system will not freeze and cause any damages!

Backflow Inspections

  • Perform annual inspection to ensure that your device is working properly, and make any repairs necessary. File all necessary paperwork with the proper water purveyor

“Up-Grade” Older Systems

  • We offer consulting on improving your current system that may be older and out of date. Some “TLC” never hurts!

Options: (call and ask about details)

  • SAM and PRS Heads
  • Rain Sensors
  • ET – Base Controllers
  • MPR Rotators
  • Fertigation System
  • Flow Sensors
  • Deduct Meters (save on sewage bill)